Contending For Breakthrough

Breakthrough: Part 1

- A sudden dramatic and important discovery or development

- An instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity.

- An act or instance of removing an obstacle or restriction

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There are breakthroughs in science , medicine, technology and many other areas whether in education, law. In fact wherever there is human civilisation there will be breakthroughs.

In science the discovery of the DNA structure (double helix) in 1953 by Francis Crick and James Watson – discovering DNA protein molecules that carried genetic information from one generation to another opened and broke through to 60 years of medical revolution and a turning point. Life and understanding changed forever and modern era of biology began. Identification of genes that trigger disease led to the creation and or manufacture of drugs to treat the disease became more available

In medicine the breakthrough of ‘keyhole’ surgery has eliminated the previous years of having to open up patient’s rib cage to gain access to a blocked artery, this would have meant months of rehibilation. Now with keyhole surgery a tube could be inserted into the groin area ‘threaded’ up the leg into the chest cavity. A 'balloon' post is used to shift the clot in block artery and a metal stent left in place to prevent future clotting.

In technology, the discovery of the internet and the world wide web again enabled a massive shift in the areas of business and technology itself. Before the internet business was transacted via only mail/fax/ phone and with no online based businesses.

Again, Before the internet you needed office space etc to conduct business, now in theory all you need is a laptop and internet connection and technically you’re in business. Business now can be transacted globally at the speed of thought…from anywhere.

If this is true in science, medicine and technology it must therefore be true in the things of God and Spirit. We offen hear of a ‘breatkthrough’s individuals or churches or we attend a conference – It’s Your Breakthrough 2000 – only to feel that months afterwards we are in the same place. There cannot be breakthroughs and break-backs. In medicine you can’t undiscover penicillin. Before the discovery of penicillin 100s if not 1000s of people would have died from infections, the discovery of penicillin drastically reduced the fatalities.

When God spoke to Joshua (Joshua Chapter 1)and told him that Moses (the former leader) was dead. And now the children of Israel were to cross over the river Jordan to possess the land promised to Abraham. In Joshua Chapter 3 tells us that Joshua told the people stay close to the ‘ark of the covenant’ – presence of God as you’ve not walked this way before it’s uncharted territory. Breakthrough = means unknown territory. You have not seen this before or walked this way before.

Joshua prepares the people and tells them that in three days THEY will cross over the Jordan. They must prepare themselves, pack up all their belongings and then there are specific instructions for how they will get inside Jericho. In Joshua Chapter 6, first few verses are the strategic instructions for getting in the unknown territory, and after following the strategy Joshua and the children of Israel break out of the wilderness territory and breakthrough into new lands: They get breakthrough. Before this, they had spent 40 years wondering in a wilderness and camping in tents. In the breakthrough territory they have a permanent address, they have houses that they didn't build and vineyards that they didn't plant. An experience of breakthrough will bring you out into a new place that you’ve never experienced or walked before…..

It is a new day on all frontiers!....

The One who breaks open the way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out. Their King will pass through before them, the Lord at their head.” Micah 2:13 (NIV)

We must contend for breakthroughs.

Now this particular blog was written for the ‘breakthrough of Layla Richards – News 7.11.15

Baby Layla had leukemia which had been previously treated with bone marrow treatments and chemo. Unfortunately the Leukemia came back. Layla parents said we are not willing to accept our daughter's treatment of palliative care, making it easier for her to die. They said do whatever you can to treat her with whatever you have, even if it means 'taking something off the shelf'. The doctors and the researchers at the time who were working on new treatment therapies said, 'we have something but 'we’ve only tried it in mice'. Layla's parents said we give you permission to go ahead as we have nothing to loose. Layla's survived the treatment and is successfully recovering and now doctors have a new way of treating Leukemia.

Now we have breakthrough with Baby Layla…and many others to follow

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