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To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven - Eccleasiates 3:1

And he changes the times and the seasons; he removes kings, and sets up kings; he gives wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that have understanding; Daniel 2:21.

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I am sure that you have heard the above text quoted many times in some form or the other especially the first text. 'To everything there is a time and season....'

We are told in the above text that are there seasons and time and these are changed by the divine purposes of God – He changes the times and seasons.

That may produce a conflict for many of us who are trying to follow the way of Christ. We, as human beings made in the image of God, naturally, like to be in control of our lives. And to a certain extent we are in that we have the power of choice in the parameters of grace. But in the grand scheme of God’s plan, as we mature, we come into divine alignment as to what His plan for our lives. We find His desires are what we desire, interestingly when we come into alignment with His desires, He then asks us what do you desire!!!

It is God’s desire that we understand the seasons of our lives and become syncopated with heaven’s timing. The sons of Issachar understood this and knew what Israel should do in I Chronicles 12:33.

One of the ways we can understand the seasons of our lives is by the ‘changing of our attire’ or what God is trying to ‘take off’ us and we can learn this from the life of Joseph. Joseph had different seasons and within those seasons there were specific timings that he experienced.

Season – In the father’s house

- time of purpose receiving the coat of my colours from the father

- time of dreaming

- time of telling the dream

- time of being stripped of his coat

Season – On the way to Egypt

- time in the pit

- time being sold as a slave

- time of being resold to Potiphar

Season –In the house of Potiphar

- time of being reclothed by Potiphar

- time of serving in the house of Potiphar

- time of favoured in Potiphar house promoted

- time being lied on my Potiphar’s wife

- time of being stripped of Potiphar’s clothing

Season – In the prison

- time of being reclothed in prision clothes

- time of serving in the prision

- time of favoured in the prison and promotion by the prison guard

- time of interpreting the vision of the butler and baker

- time of being forgotten

- time of being spoken about in the palace before Pharoah

- time of clothing being changed

Season – In the Palace

- time of being presented before Pharoah

- time of interpreting Pharoah’s dream

- time of being redressed by Pharoah

- time of ruling second to pharaoh in the Kingdom of Egypt

We could go on and discover other seasons and times in Joseph’s life but we get the picture. Joseph goes through seasons and times but at each stage before he gets to the next season there is a change of attire, something is stripped of Joseph, something gets taken away, something dies. To everything there is a season and a time.

Seasons do not last always, there are temporary, but when the season is about to change…be sensitive because He might be stripping you of something for where you about to go

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