Jesus And The 'Celebrity'

John 4: 1-23 (if you can, then read the whole scriptures for context to the blog)

John 4: 4 Now he had to go through Samaria.

We are told by the above scriptures, that Jesus having left Judea was now going back to Galilee via Samaria. The text says, ‘He had to go through Samaria, as though this was a pressing of the Holy Spirit. Seemly equivalent to Paul’s impression of the Holy Spirit in Acts 16, when he wanted to go and preach the gospel in Asia. The Holy Spirit impressed on him not to go and then in a vision of the night, he sees a man from Macedonia calling him to come to that region. Anyway, back to the text, when He gets to Samaria He meets a woman at Jacob’s well and has one of the most interest discourse in scripture.

Now here’s the point, this woman was, I am sure, a bit of a celebrity in her own right. She may have been well-known for her many husbands, now on her ‘sixth one’ and still not satisfied but hungry, empty and thirsty. And now Jesus deals with the issue of her dissatisfaction: she needs the living water that only He can give. I wonder how many of us arrive at that place where we have been ‘married’ or know of someone who has been ‘married’ to many things – not necessarily a person - but married to fame, money, business and other stuff but on the inside there is a real emptiness and a thirst that those external things do not complete.

Second point. After this discourse, the woman leaves her water pots immediately, and runs back to the city. She goes back to her familiar surroundings and begins to tell the men whom she had just met. She tells them that she’s just met Jesus. This is not Jesus telling us or others that He’s met her ……he’s not wanting to take a ‘selfie’ with her!! (food for thought). This woman was well known in her city but was enamoured by her meeting with Jesus that she went back to her city and said come see a man is this not the Christ. Finally, they must say about us…. ‘Come see a man/woman is this not the ‘Christ…ian’. We may admire their artistry, their talent, but we must never forget that we have the spirit of Christ living on the inside of us – the Lights of the very Lights and the action of the Holy Spirit.

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