Hope: He has provided ALL our needs…..sometimes in unusual places

The other day something unusual caught my attention as I was walking to the shops in my local precinct. A dove had made its nest in the Waitrose signage - literally build its nest in the ‘A’ letter of the sign...(see above)

So, it got me thinking about Jesus’ message in Matthew 6: 18-33 that we should not worry about what we should eat, wear and where we should live. He says these are the things which the gentiles worry about and are overly concerned with. But life, He says, is more than these things, which are just about our survival. He says considered the birds, and the lilies of the field they do not toil or spin, but your Father knows what they need and has provided for them. You are so much more than birds, so He will and has provided for you.

So as I ‘considered the dove’ nesting in the signage of the store it brought this to mind: the signage was already there all the bird did was to notice it.

We can take comfort of scripture and hope in God that everything has already been provided and we will ‘see’ them just at the right time and sometimes in the obscure and unexpected places.

#hope #provision

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