Against all can have HOPE

Wow…Abraham 99 years old and still without children his body is old and Sarah is pass child bearing age - bible says is no longer in the way of women.

But God had given Abraham and Sarah the promise of a son of their own. In his time of desperation Abraham had a child with Hagar as he thought that is the only way he could have a ‘child’. But God confirms again in Genesis 17, the promise, and changed his name from Abram to Abraham, Father of multitudes, that he with Sarah will have a son.

Abraham must begin to believe God; what God is trying to do is to get Abraham to do is hear HIS words. ‘I have made you a Father of Nations’ He is trying to eradicate any root of unbelief, doubt or fear that Abraham has.

Abraham must not look at his situation – the fact that he is old or the fact that Sarah is pass child bearing age, he must not consider his circumstances – Against all expectations he must believe in God. He must have more confidence, trust assurance in the God who spoke his Word.

What does it mean to us today?

Paul lets us know in Hebrews 6:12 that we must not be lazy but inmate those who have gone on before.

How can we inmate Abraham? We must against all the odds – the difficulty of the circumstances that we find ourselves in: family issues, marital issues, financial issues and the rest of it! We can and must believe what God has said about our situation. Nothing is too small or too big, or insignificant to God....Again nothing is too big for God.

Allow the WORD of GOD to your situation begin to eradicate any doubt or unbelief. God and his WORD has spoken and must be believed and that what you are hoping for and trusting God for will come to pass.

The conclusion of Hebrew 6: 12 says ‘with faith and patience Abraham inherited the promise. What does this mean? We have faith and trust God’s word but with patience; we have the ability to wait for God’s timing we will inherited the promise.

HOPE will be fully realized in YOU....TODAY

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