Nothing You’ve Been Through Will Be Wasted

To everything there is a season and a time under the heavens. Eccl 3:1

I learnt recently that every season IS YOUR SEASON. You may have heard it preached that 'your season is about to happen' meaning that you are going to get the thing(s) that you have been praying for – It’s your season of harvest or breakthrough

The only thing with this concept is that it teaches you to be ‘only happy’ during a season of harvest and anxious during all the other seasons. But even in the winter time it is your season. The tree never says in the winter this is not my season, the tree knows that in the winter when branches are bare and there is no growth above ground that its roots are going deeper into the soil, it is a time of growth underground. The soil is being enriched, nutrients are being supplied to the roots and it’s in a time of resting. The tree will remain 'barren' until the season of spring when new leaves appear and can do so because of the regeneration of the soil and roots in the time of 'resting' or winter.

So even in our ‘winter’ seasons that can be cold, hard and a struggle, where there may be an 'apparent lack' in some areas - we don’t have all the things that we need immediately. We know that are 'roots' are going down further into the soil to cause us to be even more grounded in Him. This is not a time to despair that you don’t have leaves or flowers like those around you. They are just in a different season to you. You need to celebrate with them that they are in their season of harvest.

The Lord led you this way to give you the experience of wilderness (winter) to teach you that in whatever state to be contented, to learn and move forward. You need the credibility to give to someone else who is either going through the same experience or will be. The wilderness season was used not only to grow your roots downwards but to purify your faith to see if you would trust God or not – it is easy to trust God when you have much. Also, the wonderful thing about the wilderness it purges people out of your life. When are you down to nothing it is only those who are FOR YOU and NOT FOR WHAT YOUR REPRESENT will stay with you in that period of your life the rest will leave you.

He let you suffer, scrimping, doing without, making it with this and that but it was never meant to be the norm, it was only for a season. Learn and take the lesson from every season, grow up and get better and pass it on. Do not curse the way (season) God has brought you through, the circumstances, the examples, the difficulties, they were all lessons to teach you His ways.

So that no season that you go through will be wasted…

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