Anthony Joshua Vs the Light Minimum Weight Fighter

Subtitle: Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD

This very well-known phrase is found in many places of the bible namely 2 Chronicles 20:17 and a variation of it in Exodus 14:13.

So in the time of King Jehoshaphat, he hears that the surrounding nations have decided to invade Judah. So in fear, he seeks the face of the LORD and calls for the nation of Judah to fast and pray to find the mind of the LORD for the situation. God speaks through Jahaziel and tells the people what to do. He gives insight to where the enemy would be ‘you will find them at the end of the valley in front of the wilderness of Jeruel.…' station yourself (Be Still) and see the salvation of the LORD’

The only action they're to take is to, be still and appoint singers and to begin to worship and praise God.

‘Be Still’ is an interesting phrase used both in Chronicles and Exodus. He’s telling them two things; Firstly, to quieten and still the soul: the will, intellect, and emotion. It’s one thing to stand, but I can be standing still and my soul is disquiet. The soul must be quiet because what is about to happen does not make sense to the natural soulish realm – it is illogical, but the walk of faith never makes logical sense.

Secondly, ‘Be still’ is a position of observation e.g. like going into the stand at a football match. God is saying ‘I don’t want you on the 'playing field' I want you to watch the match. The battle is not yours but the LORD's. It is between the enemy and God, not you. You don’t need to fight.

The other reason why God is saying the battle is not yours but it's HIS battle because if you try to fight the enemy, well you can’t. The LORD is the deliverer, it is His Salvation. When the battle is God’s it is not a fair fight. It’s the equivalent of a fight between Anthony Joshua and a Light Minimum Weight fighter. Anthony Joshua is a 6ft 6in 18 stones heavyweight world champion, the 'opponent' is 5ft 5in and 8st 4 pounds. If this fight was to be actually promoted most people would say, no way, you can’t put those two in the same ring. They would say Anthony Joshua has already won BEFORE the fight has even started.

Well, that is exactly what the LORD is saying. The fight is over before it starts, praise and shout now for the victory has already been won. SELAH

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