Be....Planted (in a place for growth)

Psalm 92:12-13

The righteous will flourish like a palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

Planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish in the courts of our God

The place of processing and re-positioning can be a difficult process to go through, because when you are trying to ‘breakthrough’ into another place with God it can be easy to slip back into the old patterns of thinking and doing. The comfort zone is just that.....comfortable. It's easier to stay in the familiar, but also dangerous.

So one day whilst at home with my Mum, we were looking at some plants on her window sill. One of them had been moved from another space in the house.

Anyway over a few days we noticed that it wasn't looking too healthy. Some of the stems were being to bend over and couldn't hold the flowers up straight also the leaves were looking a bit dry. So we tried a few remedies that we knew: more water, changed position, put it in a shady place. Anyways days later it was still looking unhealthy.

And then…the Ah Ah moment. The one thing we didn't try. It needed re-potting. The roots had overgrown in the pot and there was no more room for them to expand and grow. So it got me thinking...We are the planting of the Lord that must be in the right place, with the right amount of room and nutrients for growth. That may mean that God has to to re-plant us into new places that we can grow to our full potential.

The Righteous will flourish like the Palm...Planted in house of the Lord

So we must allow the Holy-Spirit to Re-position, Re-align, Re-plant as He seems fit. The transitional phase may be painful. He make take awhile, in between Him taking us out of the old place and re-potting us....but it will be worth it….

To your growth and expansion in the Kingdom

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