Finding the Seed

Part 1

Genesis 8:22

As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."

Seed time and harvest is one of the most basic principles of scripture. According to Ecclesiastes 3:2 there is

- A time to plant

- A time of waiting

- A time of harvest

We know in the natural what apple or corn seeds look like. We also know that the seeds must be planted. The farmer knows that it is futile to keep his seeds in storage or to even eat them. He must render them to the soil, pray that they get enough sun and rain and then wait until the spring for harvesting. Finally, he must have enough workers to gather in the crop.

But what about planting seeds of friendship, destiny, marriage, or even the Word. All of these entities require seed sourcing, planting and cultivation to enable a blooming 'garden'. But finding those seeds may require enhanced spiritual discernment and wisdom to notice what and where they are – please be aware it is not always obvious. Notice one of the strategies of the enemy is to ensure that you do not discern the seed so you don’t get the harvest.

Jesus alludes to this important teaching and principle of finding seed (of the Word) in order to plant and then harvest. In the parable of the sower in Matthew 13, He tells us a story about a sower who goes out and scatter seed on the ground: some fell by the wayside, and are eaten by the birds, some fell on stony ground, and have no root so they die, some on thorny ground and become choked by the thorns, and some on good ground and produce fruit. So he talks about seed, soil, stones and thorns…..

But what is He REALLY talking about? – you must know in order to find the seed

Can you imagine the crowd who were listening to his message? Some may have felt ‘why is Jesus talking about seeds and soil, I didn’t know he was a farmer’!! But Jesus knew the crowd had not ‘discerned the parable or the seed. According to Isaiah 6:10 ‘They have eyes but can’t see and ears but can’t hear’

He was really teaching about the levels to which you understand the kingdom of God was the degree to which you received the ‘seed of understanding and finally harvest. But He hides the real story by using the simile of sower, soil and seed.

So let’s unpack this….

The sower or the preacher goes out and sows the seed ‘which is the word’ It is imperative that the seed is planted into a ‘good’ heart without any obstacles hindering it: - no hard soil – lack of understanding; no thorns – cares of life; or no stones – lack of heart. He wants his listeners to understand that they need to discern ‘what’ the seed is (understanding the kingdom) and how the enemy’s tactic will be to prevent them from discerning it.

Everything must be done to discern the seed and then protect it.

We notice this same principle from the life of Joseph. Although this is a harder seed to discern

In the story of Joseph (Please read Genesis 39-42 for full context) the favoured son of his father Jacob much to the annoyance of his brothers, finds himself being sold to the Midianites, who were traders, on their way to Egypt. The Midianites then sell him to Potiphar, a captain of Pharaoh’s household. In the house of Potiphar he is wrongly accused and finds himself in jail. After several years in jail he finds himself in the palace of Pharaoh giving counsel on how to preserve Egypt from an impending famine.

From a cursory look at the story it is about a brother who is hard done by his brothers and then because of his gifting he finds himself before the pharaoh. But that is not the story. Joseph is sent ahead by God (in disguise) to the land of Egypt as a ‘seed’ firstly to protect the family from the impending famine and secondly to enable the nation of Israel to grow in Egypt. As soon as the nation has ‘grown’, years after Joseph’s death, God sends Moses to Egypt to deliver (harvest) His ‘grown nation’.

We have only looked at finding seed in the Word, but as mentioned there are seeds in friendship, destiny and marriage that are crucial to to find in order to maintain the ‘garden of that friendship or life’ We shall look at those in a future post

Prayer: Lord help us to understand the harvest, and we pray, Lord help us to discern the seeds of destiny, spiritual relationships and seeds of your Word so that we may not miss the harvest. Amen.

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